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I have been drug into this kicking and screaming by my kids and friends.  It isn’t that I am opposed to blogging, it is more that I am busy and have little patience to figure out how to operate the blogging sites.  Anyhow, here I am.  I will post from time to time but mostly I will leave that up to the girls.


Today– I have had a busy day today in the kitchen and still have yet to wash and hang some laundry, a chore the kids often do but they are occupied with our five-year old visitor.  We have her for seven days while her parents are out-of-town.  I have forgotten how busy five-year olds are.

Today in the kitchen:

  • Lacto fermented duck egg mayo (my oldest is intolerant to chicken eggs)
  • Lacto fermented chicken egg mayo
  • Lacto fermented ranch dressing
  • Raw grass-fed yogurt
  • Raw yogurt cheese
  • Kombucha
  • Chicken bone broth
  • Ear solution for the dogs ears with lavender essential oil, aloe gel, and witch hazel (C did this, being the animal caretaker)

Tomorrow will be a busy day with homeschool enrichment classes for all the kiddos including our little visitor.  This means we are packing lunch and two snacks to go with us, it also means we need to get all our books, clothing, and anything else we will need together tonight.