Eating GAPS always takes forethought.

In order to eat any nuts or seeds they must be soaked in salt water for 24 hours and then dehydrated at low temperatures for 12 hours. This makes them easier to digest for those with gut issues. I find it easier to do this with large amounts of nuts and seeds rather than each and every time I need to make a recipe. Once I have them dehydrated I store them in jars in the freezer until I am ready to use them. In general we use coconut flour more than nut flours, it is easier to digest, has less anti-nutrients, and costs less.

soaking nuts


I use duck eggs because chicken eggs give ‘M’ some pretty severe reactions like migraines and vomiting. Something I learned along the way was that different eggs have different proteins. Just because you can’t have chicken eggs does not mean you can’t have duck, goose, or any other kind of egg. The search for duck eggs has become one of my biggest frustrations but being able to have them makes cooking much easier. Below you see the finished product. Grain free pizza topped with homemade venison sausage. It was quite good.


Grain free pizza