Today we will focus on the sweet plant Stevia.
Many people know that Stevia is a sweetener but don’t know that it is very easy to grow. The best Stevia for you to consume is the green leaf kind. Better yet, buy a plant and grow your own. After reading this post you will never have to buy it again. I purchased my first Stevia plants from a local nursery last spring. The plants in the photo below were grown from cuttings I made in October. They have sat in my kitchen window since and I have only watered them a few times all winter. Originally I used my own compost to plant the cuttings in but since my soil and compost pile are under a few feet of snow yet I used potting soil instead. I am not sure how this worm survived all those months in the pot but it did. Apparently I have some decent compost because two out of the three plants had worms crawling around in them.





Down to the business of making a cutting.

It is very simple. First find a plant that has some bigger leaves (about an inch to an inch and a half long) and cut just above them as you see in the picture. Make another cut just above the next set of leaves and you have made your first Stevia cutting. It is just that simple. No rooting hormone or special steps, just cut and stick it in seed starting mix or potting soil.

stevia cuttings



The next step is just as easy.

Take a zippered top bag (I use ones I have recycled) and place the well watered cuttings inside them and zip the bag most of the way closed. This will create a mini greenhouse for the cuttings. Stevia is a tropical plant and thrives in warm moist environments.


stevia greenhouse